What happened?

I started writing a column for our local paper and I thought you might enjoy what I have been up to since August. 🙂 these next posts are what were published.

8/12/2021: I was so excited to see rain last weekend! I have been fighting off some illness for the last month so I haven’t been my usual self and I could not keep up with the gardens. I watered as best I could, but that just meant the weeds were out of control. Whatever it is I acquired has settled in my ears, leaving me dizzy, off-balance, and exhausted. With the hope of rain, some friends came over and helped get the weeds under control. And, as is the never-ending cycle of gardening, some of the plants weren’t happy being disturbed and curled their leaves up at me. I watered – they were still mad. When the first drops started falling I cheered a little out loud. And, since I like to share my misadventures with you all as well, I have pumpkins in August. Maybe next year I will plant on a schedule and not play roulette with the garden by actually labeling things. But I probably won’t because that would be the sensible thing to do.

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