Bully Bull

I had a fun-filled weekend as usual. Saturday morning some of the cows were out – they decided they preferred the alfalfa field – and then spent an hour running all over the place before politely going back to the gate to the pasture. What nice cows. On Sunday morning, with that nice cool weather, I decided it was time for some exercise. I put my hiking boots on and went for a wander but the universe decided it was time for more cow capers. The pleasant walk lasted all of maybe 10 minutes. Apparently the bull didn’t like the fact I was in ‘his’ yard. He was stealthy as a ninja about it though. By the time I noticed him I had to go pretty fast to get back over the fence. He was a good 500 feet from me when I think he noticed me (if I look closely in some of the pictures I took he is pretty far away and I had no idea he was there) and he covered that distance quickly. Got my heart racing a little and I decided to scratch professional bullfighting off of my list of future career endeavors.

He is 3/4 mile away – black speck to the upper left…
1/2 mile away just a few minutes later
I looked up, he was not happy and almost in my face. Hoped the fence and on to a hay bale… he hates me!!

I I learned that day that cows can run 35 mph. I have no desire to test that again.

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