Adjust Your Sails

Adjust Your Sails is a handmade crafting business by me, Lauren! It includes a range of accessories from scarves to jewelry.


My little sailing mascot!

You can find me on etsy at! Eventually I would like to build my own website, but until then, that’s where she sits!

After a very long year, and a lot of personal changes, I decided that I needed to do something that makes me happy again. I love art, creating and crafting and it was time to bring that back into my life.

The name ‘Adjust Your Sails’ comes about because of a storm in life that I came through. I prevailed through it though parts and pieces of the process threatened my very soul, promising to dash me against the rocky shore so that I would be broken, spread out upon the beach for the crows and gulls to munch on. On so many occasions I wanted to give up (and sometimes I still do but I’m coping) but I hung on and persevered.

Some of my happiest memories are of being on the water. I haven’t sailed in a very long time (and oh how I miss it… There’s not much sailing in Wyoming…) but the water still calls to me and feeds my yearnings in the travels and trials of life. When I was growing up in Minnesota we had a sailboat and the best times were being out on the water, just you and the wind. The cold, gray, windy days were my favorite times to be out there. There was very little boat traffic so you felt like you were all alone and you could go as fast as the wind could push you.

I discovered my new motto in life from the quote by Elizabeth Edwards:

Adjusted Her Sails

Constellation Silk Scarf

Constellation Silk Scarf


Sea Star Earrings

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