A Mother’s Pearl

I told you I was behind!! Here is the official release!

Abby Rose Designs

Lauren and I are excited to announce the release of the May Featured Piece for Abby Rose Designs! This month we are featuring a customized crystal and pearl necklace for the special mom in your life. 



This Mother’s Day necklace is the perfect gift for the special woman in your life! It is fully customized with chain length and different coloured crystals. Order a necklace for your mom, wife, daughter or granddaughter with the colours that mean the most to her. Let us know which colours you would like to match with the pearls. Here are the birth colours for handy reference:

January – Garnet (Burgundy Crystals and Pearls)
February – Amethyst (Purple Crystals and Pearls)
March – Aquamarine (Light Turquoise Crystals and Pearls)
April – Diamond (Clear Crystals and White Pearls)
May – Emerald (Dark Green Crystals and Pearls)
June – Light Amethyst (Light Purple Crystals and Pearls)

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