We have trees!!

When we moved to Wyoming I think I looked at every house in our price range. My poor Realtor. It was hard to find the perfect house because I was used to having more choices like I did in the Denver area. 

I narrowed it down to two houses after a week of searching. One was south of town near the train tracks and the other was close to Brian’s work. The one south of town had a larger back yard but the one near the airport had a perfect layout. I went with the layout instead of a yard. I think it was the right choice, but my choice meant that we didn’t have any trees. Not one tree. And we are in town.

Outside of town it is very difficult to grow trees because of the wind and the snow. In town it is much easier. There were a few rose bushes and a couple of other plants but it wasn’t enough for me. If we’d purchased some acreage I could have dealt with it better. We don’t have any acreage. We have a small lot. Not one tree. I was so depressed when I looked outside every day and saw my neighbor’s trees and knew that we didn’t have a single one. 

Perhaps it sounds silly but I love trees. I grew up in places where trees were abundant and didn’t need any coaxing to survive. Here, it’s a completely different story. They just don’t grow.

Last week Yaya came home with a pine tree sapling that we needed to plant. Unfortunately, we were once again covered in snow and I couldn’t plant the tree. On Saturday we hit 70 degrees and I planted the dang tree. I was so excited to see our first tree go into the ground! I think I was more excited about that little tree than I was when I bought my first house!!

It’s so nice to see things growing in your own yard. 

I have never lived where I didn’t have trees. It was bizarre to me. After my victory over our barren lawn I went on a plant buying spree. In addition to the pine tree we are now the proud care-takers of an aspen tree, an apple tree and a cherry tree. We also have a lilac bush and a blueberry bush.

It’s the little victories that count!

The tree that started it all: