Fun Times with BLAQ Meteor Shower Scrub ;)

I currently subscribe to ipsy, and in the past, I received Birchbox as well. Overall I am really pleased with what has been sent to me that I have tried out. One product, however, has left me scratching my head…

I received BLAQ ‘meteor shower’ body scrub in one of these subscription beauty boxes a few months ago. I will be the first to admit that I sometimes take a while to try things out when I get the items, so I am not entirely sure which service this product came from.

When I first looked at the product I thought it was one of the coolest things I had ever seen. Made from real meteorites!! Holy cow! I am holding space stuff in my very own Earth hand!! This is so neat!!!!!!

I had read the directions before I tried to use this far-out gunk from the beyond so I felt pretty confident in what to expect. It feels a little like that kinetic sand stuff which is so fun to squish and squelch.

Once I attempted to attain a groovy, meteorific glow I realized it was much more difficult to achieve. Now, I don’t know if it was because it sat around for who knows how long before I tried it (at least a couple months) or if it is the most radical stuff on Earth, but it was out-of-this-world interesting. And that is putting it mildly.

I followed the directions. I rubbed it onto my skin in gentle circular motions. I stuck my skin under the shower water for a minute. and another minute. and another minute.

You guys – It. Does. Not. Come. Off. Like, really really really doesn’t come off. Perhaps the secret to the glowing and radiant success is how hard you have to rub your skin to sort of make it look like you didn’t fall into a tar pit.


It was everywhere. I couldn’t get clean. The shower couldn’t get clean. Even after a thorough scrubbing, with more body wash and soap, I don’t feel clean. I don’t look clean. I look like I am bruised and I feel sticky.

I don’t even get this dirty-looking after a week of camping. And this was as clean as I could make myself. Oh boy.

Although, on further inspection, I do have a bit of meteor glow to me!! The problem is that I am neither a tin man nor space alien and being silver doesn’t blend in.

I do recommend this product as a party trick! It was fun, and the concept is neat-o, but unless I am using wrong it won’t make you clean!! I will give them their claim of ‘ethereal glow’ because you will look like you are not from this planet and took a trip down here from outer space. There is also some shimmer left after all is said and done.

To be honest, this is the second time I tried it with the same outcome. I had to share the results with pictures because the first time I thought maybe it was a fluke or this was too amusing to keep to myself. 🙂

*Update – I am still a nice shade of grey the next morning. 😉



I have been quiet for far too long. I have kept silent when I wanted to scream. I have been beat down, dragged through the mud, been lied about, been lied to, and through it all I maintain my composure and my smile. I don’t lie about the past and try and hide. I stupidly still try and protect people who hurt me.

I have had a full-on war waged against me by a person who can never be wrong. I have tried to stay above it and stay positive. I have been so hurt by people who said they loved me. I manage to forgive. I forgive until I can’t anymore. I sit back and take it no matter how badly it hurts me because I know I am a better and stronger person. I foolishly think people will keep their word and don’t want to hurt me like I keep mine and don’t want to hurt them.

I have been betrayed by people I thought cared about me. I have lost friends when I never asked anyone to pick sides. The ugliness does not come from me.

I tell myself all the time that the people who mind don’t matter and the people who know me know better. But it is exhausting defending myself against something I didn’t create and didn’t ask for.

I blindly trusted and believed. That is where I went wrong. My heart is big and my need to trust is high and almost unending. I turn the other cheek and never see things coming from the other direction. I don’t speak ill of other people if I can help it, but at what point do you not get to defend yourself? Why does one person have all the power and control and the other person has to shut up and take it? Why is the louder person the one who gets heard? Why do people have to be nasty to get their way?

Some people leave behind them a trail of destruction. They move on and don’t care who they hurt because they choose not to see that their words and actions are atrociously painful. It’s like a tornado that destoys and disappears, never knowing the damage left behind. It will catch up to them. Lies are very hard to keep straight. Eventually the liar doesn’t even know the truth anymore and can’t see it when they are looking straight at it.

I haven’t said anything for years. I shut up, put my head down, tried to do the right thing, and I am paid back in the worst possible ways.

Nothing I write is untrue. The book I could write would be thick. I have stayed silent until I couldn’t take it anymore.

I realize by writing my thoughts and feelings I may be opening more doors for abuse, but it is what it is. I have grown so weary of biting my tongue when others can say whatever they want about me to whomever will listen.

Enough is enough.


I have been thinking a lot about boundaries this past week. For a lot longer than that, actually, but it has been on my mind the most this past week. I am a nice person, I think, and I let people take advantage of me far too often.

So I have been wondering what my boundaries are and how I enforce them. How does someone enforce boundaries? I am still not sure. Can you enforce boundaries and still be a nice person or do you have to just be mean? How can I stay true to my innate personality yet protect myself? It is a battle I have been fighting all week.

I try and do what is best for everyone, often putting my needs last. I am run down and exhausted from trying to be everything for everyone. I am worn out from trying to please everyone and make everyone happy.

Last night I had an eye-opening experience. I try to always do what is right and best for my children. When someone asks for their time to attend an event that I think would be a super cool experience I let them go. Last night it was a go-kart party with my ex-husband’s company. I thought it was late for my son but he wanted to go so I said ok. I was told he would be returned around 10:30/11:00. Around 11:30 I get a text that they were just leaving. When I mentioned that it was rude and disrespectful to me to not keep me informed of what was going on I was told I was not ‘co-parenting’ and that I should have expected the time would change and not be surprised at all. I am sorry – I had to wait up until almost 1:00 in the morning and somehow I should just be ok with it because of the reasons mentioned above. Ok then…

I am constantly waiting when we do exchanges, and not 5 minutes, but 30 minutes up to an hour. How do I enforce my boundaries and not get taken advantage of? It doesn’t just hurt me, but the kids as well.

My gosh, I am just so lost with the whole thing. I know that I am bad-mouthed all over the place. I try and be the better person. But it hurts. I try and do what is best for the kids but I get taken advantage of. How do I set reasonable boundaries? Ugh. It’s the bain of my existence.

Sorry for the language in this picture…

If It Wasn’t My Life – $1

In my house, we like to play a game called: ‘If it Wasn’t My Life it Would Be Funny’… I have been playing this game a lot these last years. I try and see the humor in everything, but some days it gets hard…

So for our first installment of ‘If it Wasn’t My Life it Would be Funny’ on lobotomyplease I want to talk about child support. Or the lack thereof. I went through a very difficult, long, drawn-out divorce process with my ex-husband. Years and years and years dragged by. When it was all settled and the dust cleared I found myself to be the recipient of a substantial amount of back child support. It would be nice if I had received that in a lump sum, but I didn’t, so whatever, no skin off my back. The debt is there and it won’t ever go away – even if the kids are 40.

Wages were garnished and all was going well for a few months. It really helped to have the money even though the support amount is small in the grand scheme of things. I was able to start putting money away for braces and other big expenses and I was really happy to be moving forward with life. Fast forward to February. All payments stopped. No one could get ahold of my ex to see what was going on, so I had to dip into the money I had saved just to get by. Lovely. It is interesting to see how child support really does help for children when you had gone years without getting any. Tip: Always pay your child support even if you seriously dislike the other parent – it is for the benefit of the child, not the parent. Some people do abuse it, but many more don’t.

Anywho, I got by, was kept apprised of the situation by child support services, and tried to get on with my life. I didn’t have it before, don’t have it now, so no skin off my back – again – seems to be par for the course.

At the end of March I received a child support payment that SHOCKED me. It shocked child support services. It shocked everyone I told. It was silly, demeaning, and humiliating. Would you like to guess what it was? There is a clue up there…

I received a $1 payment. Since then I have received three more $1 payments. (There was another, more reasonable payment from a garnishment at the beginning of the month so I can’t complain too much, and I will give credit where credit is due… sort of… hahahahahaha…) When someone is behind in payments as much as he is, this was a slap in the face. I joked that I could make more in a strip club – maybe not much more, but I could at least double it from the pity payers! The things is – these $1 payments will not make enforcement leave you alone. They even asked me what his deal is, but because I no longer speak to him I didn’t have an answer. I think I know why he did it, but I won’t speculate here.

Gotcha Dollar

SERIOUSLY! If this wasn’t my life it would be funny. Please give me a lobotomy!