Back to School at 37…

I am finally doing it – fulfilling my dream of finishing my bachelor degree!

It is quite different this time around, with almost 20 years of adult life experience to base my learning on. I see now how some classes I didn’t think made any sense to the degree-path actually are important. The classes I am taking all fit together in some way and reinforce what I am learning. It’s pretty neat, actually, to understand it now. The class that terrified me, Public Speaking, now barely makes me bat my eye. I chose to go to Metro State College of Denver previously because they allowed you to skip public speaking if you took an upper-level language course. (I took German because I already knew it from having lived there growing up)

Now I see why it is so important… In my previous job at the Wyoming DOT I worked in the right of way department and was involved with the public, from private meetings with landowners to public meetings with sometimes most of the town. I was always so very nervous. I think if I hadn’t been so scared of this class oh-so-long ago it might have benefitted me in my job.

It is odd being in class with people that could be my kids – in fact, they are closer in age to my oldest child – but I feel that maybe I have something they can learn from me as well.

However, the campus is huge and I am feeling it in my old muscles! I pretty much need to stretch when I get to school – haha! That wasn’t a problem almost 20 years ago…

I have also been taking advantage of resources on campus this time around – from the career center to activities with other students. I was too shy before to do those things. Now I am old and don’t care. 🙂

It makes me sad I wasn’t able to get my degree until now, due to life and other circumstances, but persistence is an amazing thing and I am showing my kids you can do anything no matter how old you are.

I have 13 classes left on my degree and I am so, so excited! Fingers crossed my brain can do it!

This is the picture of the 2nd day of 15th/16th grade my cousin made me take.

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