So, I’m not sure what sort of sign this is or even if I should be sharing it with the universe, but here goes. I was silly and had been sort of praying at church (while not really paying attention to the sermon, which incidentally was about the power of one prayer) that I would hear soon about the job and that it would be a positive phone call. I did get out of the service that it isn’t ‘what’ you pray about but ‘how’ you pray. Made sense to me because I have a history of praying for things (like patience) that get answered but not necessarily in the way I want them answered.

For instance, during my praying-for-patience phase I auditioned for a role in the Nutcracker ballet with a ballet company in Minnetonka, MN. I busted my butt for that try-out. When the list came out for the production I found out that I had landed a part as a maid. A maid. One tiny part in one tiny scene. Some parents of my friends had warned me that my patience would be tested as a result of that one, itty bitty, prayer. They were right. I was tested.

That same year I had a part as the back-up during a Ronald McDonald skating routine. My only part in the production. I wanted to cry and die. It felt like an entire year of my life was wasted. I was used to being front and center in everything I endeavored to do and the turn of events, because of one prayer, was disastrous for me. Not to toot my own horn, but I have several gold medals for solo and synchronized skating routines as well as for dancing, so I was at least fairly acceptable at what I chose to do. To be put in the background was horrifying for someone used to succeeding and winning over the judges. It is what it is. That prayer, at the time, ruined my life. I recognize and appreciate the power of one prayer.

Which leads me to a strange turn of events…

We had communion at church today. It is one of my most favorite things about church. I think I just like the excuse to eat an oyster cracker and drink some grape juice, but I digress… I get to say a personal prayer and send my thoughts out in the way I want to without any direction. Today I prayed that the interview process had gone smoothly and I would soon hear about this job. (and please, God, let me get it!) Very selfish, I know, but I couldn’t help myself. It was my moment and I took it.

After we had gathered the kiddos and as we were walking out of the building I heard someone call my name. I turned and there was one of the guys who interviewed me last week. I got flustered and said a few polite lines of conversation before I said good bye and headed to the car. I was trying not to jeopardize the hiring process.

After that Brian told me I had the job. I hope he is right! I keep playing the scene over in my head, and if I had been in the interviewers position I wouldn’t have spoken to me if I hadn’t been chosen because it would have been awkward. Wishful thinking? Maybe. Coincidence? Perhaps.

I am going to keep my fingers crossed in the meantime.

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